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About The Rotten State

"One man's quest to provide regular commentary about the rotten state of affairs in Fiji via this blog."

The Rotten State

What I am trying to do through this blog is to provide a political commentary about the state of affairs in Fiji. Affairs in terms of politics, big businesses, racism and infrastructure deterioration.

I am not involved in politics of the country, don't belong to any political party and dont vote in elections (even though it is compulsory). I am just an average citizen trying to make sense of all that is going wrong in this country. Corruption, crime and racism is rife. Religious tolerance is non existent.

The state of affairs in this country may not be as bad as in Haiti or some of the African states, but it is still bad enough to be given international prominence.

Over the coming weeks, I will blog on about things. My reference points are the fijitimes.com and fijilive.com.


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  • Blogger Gorilla says so:
    11:10 am  

    I learned something about your country - today. I'll keep following your blogs. top

  • Blogger The Rotten State says so:
    11:26 am  

    Thank you gorilla. Hopefully you will continue to be entertained by my eskewed version of information about my country. top