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Coups and Racism Tuesday, April 24, 2007 |

Another post appeared on resistfrankscoup blog today, exploring racism and this coup. Read more here: http://resistfrankscoup.blogspot.com/2007/04/coup-myth.html

It appears from the comments on that post, that racism continues to rear it's ugly head. Most comments seemed to be hinting at violence against the Indians once the resistance has triumphed. Scary prospect. What hits home is the realisation, that no matter how hard the Indians try, acceptance as equal citizens of this country will perhaps never happen. Indians have suddenly become immigrants without root once again and I guess it's the reason why most who could are finding a way out. This will continue...I am afraid.

But racists (on all sides) and Fijian ultra nationalists have always existed. A sad aspect of being in this country.

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Blog Commentators and Racism Friday, April 20, 2007 |

Earlier today I posted a comment in response to some of commentators commenting on the http://resistfrankscoup.blogspot.com/ blog. The comments I was responding to were made on the post MAHEN & FLP A TIME BOMB TO PEACEFUL INDO -FIJIANS

RFC bloggers instead put my comment (FIJI & RESIST FRANK'S COUP MOVEMENT IS FOR ALL!) up as a separate entry (which I have no problem with). The entry itself generated some interesting comments.

I have noticed a lot of racist comments on blog posts on lot of anti-coup blogs. It's something that needs the attention of blog comment moderators, otherwise the quality of some of these blogs will deteriorate and people will have second thoughts in taking them seriously. Freedom of expression should be exercised responsibly.

More on racism later...

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Roll Call of Fiji Anti-Coup Bloggers Wednesday, April 18, 2007 |

Over the past few months, a number of anti-coup blogs have sprouted up (some in the list have existed before the coup). Some are more popular then others and some are better written then others. Some amongst them have drawn the current illegal regime's attention.

It is a great relief to read some of the items on the blog. A way for me to overcome the frustrations of the daily goings of the illegal regime. The media is full of the propaganda from them.

To all the bloggers out there: Keep up the good work fella's...

A list of some anti-coup blogs:



Frank has frankly gone mad! Saturday, April 14, 2007 |

Everyday is a new day in the Fijian coup drama. Over the past week, the GCC refused to accept Frank's nomination for the Vice President and in retaliation, Frank decided to suspend the GCC and all it's activities. In the same period another of Frank's crazy colleague in Pita Driti (the Land-Force Commander), decided to deflect attention by naming the diplomatic heads of Australia, NZ and US as plotters of the original coup against Frank.

The latest, move by the Frank and his crazies are to remove all security barriers from in front of the US embassy in Loftus Street and ban all meetings in public places.

This lot are making a real mockery of this country. As can be seen by the incompetencies of the people involved in the Illegal Government (not the Interim Government).

Frank has gone completely mad! I wouldn't be surprised if he is sentenced to the mental ward of St. Giles once all this is over.

A lot of stupid Indians here continue to support Frank and his cronies. This isn't helped by the vengeful mob of Indians settled overseas in Australia and NZ. In the media, they continue to support Frank. Infact, I reckon, Australia and NZ should send those lot back to Fiji and ban them from returning. This lot support a terrorist in power. Not to mention, the stupid Kiwi lawyer who has been hired to defend Frankie and his men against the case brought by Qarase. This stupid man should be labled a terrorist supporter in NZ perhaps be tried.

Everyday is a frustrating one in this damned country.

Guilty by default... Monday, April 02, 2007 |

So I make $40,000 and live a life not commensurate with that sort of an income. That is, I own 10 houses and 5 of them overseas. The burden of proof is on me to prove that I have legally acquired them, or else I am guilty of an offence. Not sure which one, but an offence perhaps for owning 10 homes and still only earning $40,000 a year. This wisdom is brought to you, courtesy of the illegal Interim Attorney General, Mr. Saiyad Khaiyum.

Well such is life under the current thuggish regime and will perhaps continue for sometime...