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Frank has frankly gone mad!

Everyday is a new day in the Fijian coup drama. Over the past week, the GCC refused to accept Frank's nomination for the Vice President and in retaliation, Frank decided to suspend the GCC and all it's activities. In the same period another of Frank's crazy colleague in Pita Driti (the Land-Force Commander), decided to deflect attention by naming the diplomatic heads of Australia, NZ and US as plotters of the original coup against Frank.

The latest, move by the Frank and his crazies are to remove all security barriers from in front of the US embassy in Loftus Street and ban all meetings in public places.

This lot are making a real mockery of this country. As can be seen by the incompetencies of the people involved in the Illegal Government (not the Interim Government).

Frank has gone completely mad! I wouldn't be surprised if he is sentenced to the mental ward of St. Giles once all this is over.

A lot of stupid Indians here continue to support Frank and his cronies. This isn't helped by the vengeful mob of Indians settled overseas in Australia and NZ. In the media, they continue to support Frank. Infact, I reckon, Australia and NZ should send those lot back to Fiji and ban them from returning. This lot support a terrorist in power. Not to mention, the stupid Kiwi lawyer who has been hired to defend Frankie and his men against the case brought by Qarase. This stupid man should be labled a terrorist supporter in NZ perhaps be tried.

Everyday is a frustrating one in this damned country.

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  • Anonymous Anonymous says so:
    2:24 pm  

    Iam with you...this coup was pro Indians and these stupid lot should be sent back to their motherland...just like Butadroka said,qoute Indians will always be Indians...unqoute.
    Aust. and NZ should send families of the juntas back home and all those who are supporting this coup from overseas.

    And now the security decree has been extended, it's unbelievable....what are they afraid of?..Bloody puffy's...yaeh the gun makes you strong huh? BUNCH OF IDIOTS!!!

    You can say that again,everyday is a frustrating day.' top

  • Anonymous Anonymous says so:
    4:15 pm  

    Frank is certified bi-polar.

    he has had treatment for this mental condition in the past, in Australia.

    St Giles in Fiji might have some records too.

    Can someone get their hands on them and publish them? top

  • Anonymous Anonymous says so:
    4:00 pm  

    So what if he's bi-polar? It's been manageable for decades... top

  • Anonymous Anonymous says so:
    5:53 am  

    Frank isnt a fijian....the name Frank isnt fijian.he should realise himself before doing such things....hes a kai tani just like the indian....indians should say to him...same same...I mean isnt he embarrased on doing the coup on a country which he doesn't belong to....he should trace his roots back and keep his mouth shut....coz he isn't a fijian...why bother on fijians bussiness....go back to where you came from Frank...trace your roots,see your self on the mirror before you talk to fijian chiefs... top

  • Anonymous Anonymous says so:
    6:01 am  

    I remeber beign with Frank at the mentally health hospital in Australia....hes case was serious than mine...actually I was told by the doctor that I am okay and fit now,but I sometimes do feel that I am mentally stress when I am burden with anything....I dont think Frank is OK......if I do still feel mentally ill sometimes than I certainly believe that Frank does too....thats probably the fact that he has done the coup....he must have been ill mentally,still and nothing could stop him from doing this coup...coz thats what happens to mentally ill people....no one can stop them from doing anything they want to do....unless they are taken int a mentally ill hospital and admitted....I think this is the situation with frank....coz the way hes acting is menatlly strange..he doesnt care what he does and what he says...who he says it to or....care about the fiians and the economy...the porvety in fiji now and more...the disadvantage of what has happened to the coup.....get help at saint giles Frank...you are mentally ill top

  • Anonymous Anonymous says so:
    4:01 pm  

    Frank thought that there'll be no difference between leading the Army and leading the Country. Well the state our country is in now is a strong testimony in itself...on how very wrong and dillusional Frank is! Six months later and theres no single strand of evidence of their claim of 'clean up'. And sadly it has not only taken our country 20 years back but also ruined the lives of the many of its ordinary citizens. That'll be enough hot coals on Franks head. top

  • Anonymous Anonymous says so:
    1:08 pm  

    i hear bi polar is a pretty serious case of mental illness where the suffere goes from dizzying thoughts and feelings of being powerful, arrogant, overbearing andfeelings that they are the kING OF THE WORLD!Oilei....whoever thought we'd be Overtaken by a NUTCASE! lET'S GET ALL THE MONKEYS AFTER HIM! top

  • Anonymous Anonymous says so:
    11:19 am  

    there is no such thing indians in fiji poking their nose in fjn politics qarase was an old fool taking advise from failed corrupt businessman qoroniasis foolish racist bills ooooops sooory not forgetting the riches in the koro sea it will take a lot of fjns 10 yrs to realize what frank is trying to do qarase will even sell his mother to achieve his mission top