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Nurses strike and the need for dialogue? Thursday, July 26, 2007 |

I haven't written for a while but, I've been rather busy lately. I must admit, at times I've felt that reason and good sense evades most who have been subjects of criticism via this and other blogs. Not to mention the scathing editorials and letters-to-editors in the Fiji Times. Despite all these, the Illegal Regime continues to ignore and continue with it's dictatorial activities in government.

One group though has shown that it can stand up to fight for it's rights regardless of which government or thugs that have the power on the day. Of course I am referring to the nurses (whereas I could have included the members of the FPSA and the FTU, the leadership of these two organisations have completely betrayed them.)

The nurses have shown, that this regime can be overcome. That when faced with what is right, the regime cannot be heavy handed. Threats and intimidation are all it has left but as time goes, even that will disappear. I hope time emboldens the average citizen to take action and react to the thugs in power.

Many though have said that the solution to the nurses issues are in dialogue. Granted, a solution needs to be found and found it will be if all concerned work together. This (working together) seems not have been the case with this crisis. Whereas the FPSA and FTU leadership sold out to their friends in the Illegal Regime, the nurses were left to their plight. The other parties in the CPSU have shown, what hunger for power can do for solidarity. The IG on the other hand decided unilaterally to reduce civil service pay by 5%. Where was consultation and and working together then?

What escapes me, the time it takes for dialogue to start making sense to leaders. I wonder what kind of dialogue it is that takes place every time the leaders concerned meet. This trade dispute had been brewing for months, yet all the dialogue so far hasn't solved anything.

I reckon the nurses should go the distance. If nothing else then at least the nation will wake up to the reality of the future in this country under this regime. Perhaps then we'd be out there in the streets fighting for what is rightfully ours. Our rights to a free and fairly elected government and not one imposed by the gun toting retards in green.

Go you nurses, fight for what is rightfully yours!

It's been a while between posts... Thursday, July 05, 2007 |

It's been a while since I last posted; over a month now. What can I say, I've been busy.

Anyway, I've spent a lot of time reading the FijiTimes.com site during this period. They have been better then any blog sites related to Fiji. Especially their "Your Say" section. Appears unmoderated and full of raw opinions from the public.

In any case, the dimwits in control of the country continue to show their dimwittedness on a daily basis.

More soon...