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Fiji people want the Military back on the streets?

According to the Illegal Minister for Tourism, Bernadette Ganilau, Captain Esala Teleni of RFMF has apparently received files and files full of letters from the people requesting the Military return to the streets.

If that is true, then this certainly is a very popular coup. But of course it is true! It's true because Ms. Ganilau said so. She is such a truthful and credible person of course. She must know it to be true, because her illegal government and the RFMF are bedfellows with the "Suger Daddy" Chaudhry leading the pack. I haven't seen these files full of letters she is talking about, so I can't really rubbish her claim...hang on...I think I can. What a load of bulshit!

It's hard to believe this woman was a respected citizen of this country not so long ago. And now she's shooting off her mouth with all this filth. Come on Ms. Ganilau, stop treating the citizens of this country as though we're all some homeless shoeshine boys. We all know that you used this coup to fast track your political career. That makes you no better then your bedfellows...

Strange times...

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