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Anomally does not equal Fraud

In the Fiji Times today, this letter to editor shows how narrow minded some people can really be. He doesn't understand the difference between "fraud" and something that may have gone wrong. The two concepts are mutually exclusive Anendra Prasad. Mere Samisoni got it just right. Anomalies shown are no proof of fraud and you know it. If you can show clear cut acts of fraud, please feel free to write about, otherwise get your head of the sand. In fact the irony is that Anendra writes very eloquently, it's a pity he can't grasp basic english.

Missing papers

MERE Samisoni's long and winding letter on the question of missing ballot papers (FT 13/5) appears to make a couple of points that provide an interesting insight into SDL's election ethics or lack of it.

One, she makes the point that the alleged anomalies at the Elections Office do not constitute fraud ("they are merely signs something may be wrong'').

How could something have gone wrong, Mere Samisoni if the Elections Office had followed all procedures outlined in the Electoral Act?

How many wrongs are you prepared to allow before you admit that "there was a method to the mess''. As far as I am concerned, the Elections Office is like Caesar's wife she has to be above suspicion.

This is why the Electoral Act went to great lengths to spell out every step of the way clearly and rigorously from voter registration to preparation of

the electoral rolls, calling of the election, polling, counting to the storing of ballot papers at the end.

The former Supervisor of Elections appears to be quite eloquent on radio and TV. I assume he is able to read and understand provisions of the Electoral Act.

He had an onerous responsibility to follow the Act precisely in a general election where there is no room for anomalies.

That something can very well reflect on the credibility of the elections.

In my opinion, too many things went "wrong'' in the 2006 election for it to have any credibility.

As for the missing unused ballot papers, Ms Samisoni's claim that it should have been picked up by candidates during polling is laughable.

It shows her utter lack of understanding of the electoral process.

Need I say more?

Anendra Prasad

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