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Nurses aren't slaves to their oath! Friday, August 03, 2007 |

And why in the world would anyone think that the nurses are their first and foremost to serve the sick! That for some reason, their oath comes ahead of their personal needs and those of their families. The nurses are paid to do a job. No pay, no work. Simple. And like with with any other profession, if you don't like the pay for the work you do, you ask for what is rightfully deserved. The nurses are doing just that.

To hell with the sick. The nurses aren't meant to slave over them without being paid adequately. The nurses are providing an essential service alright, but at the end of the day, they too have to feed their families like all of us. Give them what they deserve, keep them happy and we will have much happier patients in this country then otherwise.

Netani Sukanaivalu the Cry Baby! Thursday, August 02, 2007 |

The illegal Education Minister cried like a cry baby in front of the media today! Hurray for the strikers.

The members of the regime need to be made to cry.

Coup sympathisers galore! Wednesday, August 01, 2007 |

It's amazing how many dimwits support the coup. The Your Say section of Fiji Times is full of them.

Take this one for instance from a know Chaudhry boy:

Nikhil Singh of Australia (2 days and 12 hours ago)
I totally agree with the FLP's statement that the preparatory work needs to be done first before the countrycan go through a free and fair election.

Under the Qarase Government Fiji has gone through two general elections that were no doubt questionable. For eg, names missing from electoral rolls, extra ballot papers printed by the elections office. The elections held in 2001 and 2006 cannot be called free and fair.

Fiji has not had a census for 11 years.

I cannot help but agree with the FLP President that the ground work must be done first before holding the next general election. This is the only way Fiji will enjoy true democracy and the not the forced democracy experienced under the SDL Government.

"Forced democracy"? Is there such a thing? An SDL government which the Labour Party was part of? So the Labour Party was part of a "forced democracy"? What an Idiot this boy really is!

Then there's this one:

Dr. Jim Anthony of United States (2 days and 10 hours ago)

This subject is a no brainer.

I said months ago that elections alone do not lead to democracy.

There ought not to be elections until a number of other aspects of a subculture of democracy are in place.

I also feel that a special administrative niche ought to be created for the military--a Ministry of Defence, perhaps. For some time to come, so it seems to me, given Fiji's recent ill fated experiment with what it thought was democracy, the whole situation needs now to be reviewed, re-evaluated and reconfigured. Boundaries, electoral registers and so on ought to be looked at for sure but a number of other no less important areas also need to be examined.

One swallow does not make a summer any more than elections alone make democracy.

A review of the constitution must be done. A determination must be, after proper inquiry, as to what happened with the last elections--what went wrong, how and why? Smart people look at the past so that they might understand the present and preapre for the future.

Patience is important. It takes several ingredients to make a cake. If you tried to make a cake with just flour you are not going to get a very good cake. Making democracy with just elections is not going to make a very good democracy.

Everything he is suggesting to be undertaken before an election, is to be done by the current Illegal Regime. Everything it does not have to mandate to undertake. He is nicely word wanked the obvious. Of course elections alone don't make a democracy. He forgets though, that under the current regime, no one has the voice. The current regime is a dictatorship. The previous government was democratically elected and it governed with a semblance of consensus. Regardless of it's flaws, it guaranteed people the basic freedoms. The courts were means of seeking redress if one didn't like the governments decision.

There are plenty of others on that site who appear a lot less sophisticated with the opinions and these are the retards who really need a reality check.

On a separate note, the Illegal Regime seemed to be showing it's true dictatorial attitude. Today, they detained Taniela Tabu of FICTU and literally physically abused him. All with the blessings of Mahendra Chaudhry, Aiyaz Saiyed Khaiyum, Bernadette Ganilau and their colleagues in the IG. These are the dirty tactics used by them to silence opposition. If actions weren't enough, the attitude of Frank Bainimarama on TV this evening showed how contemptuous a person he really is. Not to mention retarded.

I mean his reason for why the unions are asking for the resignation of Mahendra Chaudhry as the Finance Minister is racial motivation. Does he really think we're stupid? Someone please take this idiot to the hospital and give him his daily dose of sanity drugs.

Tomorrow the FICTU members will go on strike. Good luck to them. Hopefully they will stay the cause and fight for what they deserve.

Last but not least. FICAC today withdrew the case against Abbas Ali and Josaia Rasiga. Media coverage of this issue was scant, but there's much more that needs to be investigate as to why they did that. They've wasted tax payers money and valuable time of the courts. Not to mention the humiliation they've caused to the individuals concerned. I hope they sue...