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Do we deserve such a rotten state?

I am no political scientist nor am I a sociologist. I can't help thinking though, that the state of our nation is mostly due to us!

I have several theories as to why and they are as follows:

  1. Our low expectations (example our roads).
    • Look at our roads. Nobody in this country, especially the educated and well to do residents of Suva, Nadi and Lautoka seem to be really complaining about our road conditions. I am not talking about the backroads or the roads in the rural areas, I am talking about the pathetic condition of city streets.
    • It's not just the potholes I am talking about. Look at the smoothness of the roads. They have so many sinks, it's unbelievable!
    • Look at the patching of the potholes. All too often they're done late by which time the surrounding patch of sealing is all too week and the stretch of road becomes very weak and new potholes continue to spring everytime it rains even for just an hour.
    • Look at the way patches are applied. Sometimes patches are filled with river gravel! Other times they are at least an each above the normal surface. The end result is a potbump and all too often people are satisfied!

  2. We vote with our hearts not our minds.
    • Does anyone vote because the party or candidate has put up a good manifesto? Of course not. I am sure in this country nobody getting ready to vote ever knows what the party manifesto really is.
    • We vote for Labour or NFP if we're Indians or SDL and other Fijian parties if we're Fijian. Simple!
    • The voting system was contrived by the dimwits (Vakatora and Brij Lal) who ensured votes for their parties by enacting the compulsory voting system! Where's democracy in that?
    • The same political dimwits ensured partisan voting by enacting the electoral system which is race based.
    • Who were these dimwits? People like you and me and without common sense!
  3. We don't think hard enough.
    • We don't really think about things really. We don't think about the consequences of our action.
    • Look at the workers patching the roads. Patching potholes about one inch above the normal surface of the road. Where's the rationale behind that?
    • Infact why blame the pothole patchers when the road engineers responsible don't seem think of the actions of patchers working for them.
  4. We're all very racist.
    • Let's face it, we are all racist! I am, you reading this are and so is your neighbour and perhaps even the dog.
    • I grew up blaming the Fijians and they grew up blaming the Indians? For what? Whatever really! It's all their fault. Us (Kaindia's or Kaicolo's) are not the one's to blame.
    • Blame the previous generation for leaving their racist thoughts with us.
  5. We're not really proud of our achievements.
    • We're not proud of any our achievements. That's because we don't achieve much. Why? Because we're satisfied with mediocre.
    • We hardly even celebrate our independence day?
  6. Our land tenure system.
    • Do the Indigenous Fijians really deserve the 90% of the land reserved for them, when they only make up just over 50% of the population?
    • Does all the Fijian land need to be managed by the NLTB?
    • Can't the indigenous individuals get a piece of the Native Land under their own name? Why does it have to be communally owned?
    • Fijian land remains unproductive because although it belongs to the Fijians, it doesn't really belong to the individuals and families at the grassroots. It thus remains the responsibility for no one and everyone.
  7. Lack of tolerance.
    • We are bunch that can't tolerate. We don't respect anyone's culture and infact we remain indifferent and ignorant of them.
    • Indians and Fijians have lived side by side for several generations now. The remain next to each other but they remain in ignorance.
Much remains unwritten in this post, but I am beginning to think we really are to blame for the state of this nation.

The illegal regime remains because of our inaction. Unless we take things seriously, they will continue to rape this country and it's citizenship for their selfish gains Unless we voice our opinions, they will remain. Unless we respect each other, they will continue to belittle the citizens. Unless we tell our men and women in uniform that the rule of law is above the rule of self righteousness, we will continue to be bullied by them.

The illegal regime remains because the Indians in this country have to stop thinking of revenge. They have to abandon their vote for FLP and stop supporting the criminals in them.

Infact we have to stop race based politics altogether. I'd hope for a few united Indian/Fijian parties contesting the next elections. I hope to see the that race based electorates are done away.

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