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Ali the racist!

RFC (http://resistfrankscoup.blogspot.com) has moved to a new home WFC (http://whyfijiscrying.wordpress.com). Earlier in the week, I took time to read the site to see if the change in URL and name has changed anything and it seems to have not.

Anyhow, I went through some of posts and the comments and commentator writing as "Ali" caught my attention. What a pathetic loser! I attempted to respond to one of his comments and it was posted by the WFC as a post in the blog under "C’MON ALI, BE REAL!" (http://whyfijiscrying.wordpress.com/2007/05/31/cmon-ali-be-real/) . In any case, I'll save you the jump and here is the post reproduced:


You’re one of the most narrow minded Indians I’ve seen write. Racist to the core. I am an Indian, yet I wouldn’t paint the Indian achievements in this country in such glowing terms. Yes many of us have prospered, yet many remain poor and under achievers like any other man, woman or child.

“Give us any piece of land anywhere in Fiji, no matter how arid it is, we will turn it into a goldmine.”
What a load of nonsense! I know many Indians who had leased land for cane farming and after 99 years, they still remain poor. Infact if you remember correctly, they were given handouts by the Chaudhry government in 99/2000.

“Fiji is no different than many African countries - high levels of corruption, nepotism, provincialism, crime..you name it.”
Infact Ali, Fiji is very different to African countries. Unlike those countries, ours have two distinct ethnic populous. If there is any similarity then it’s with the corruption, nepotism and crime. Come to think of it, these problems are very much a part and parcel of most countries including India. Surprised!? Unlike Africa, the corruption, nepotism and crime in this country are committed by both ethnic groups. So you see Ali, Fiji is the way it is, thanks to corrupt, nepotistic and criminal Indians as well. Do I need to make it any clearer?

There’s much more I can say about the so called “achievements” of Indians in this country, but it’d wise for me to stop now and stop locking horns with a racist, stupid person like you…

Anon Blogger

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