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Fiji TV Criticism - "Waste of time"? Monday, January 30, 2006 |

In a letter to the editor, I reckon Summer Kabakoro get's almost right.

I am not sure whether Fiji TV is really the cause of most of the crimes she's mentioned below and I am not really sure as to the number of people who "demand necrophilia, rape, sadism, masochism" on TV.

Voice of the People - Fiji Times Online: "Waste of time

A WORD of advice to the many individuals who write to this column concerning the poor program quality provided by Fiji Television.

Don't waste the ink.

Fiji Television Ltd has ignored ethics, morality and the hundreds of requests, letters, phone calls and pleas of a majority of its viewers for over 15 years.

Writing to this column will result in about the same amount of action on the part of Fiji Television, as the Government has given us on this issue — none.

Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase spends his weekends praying with visiting evangelists while hiding behind an elusive phrase in the Fiji Constitution regarding the offensive and dishonest program practices at our Number One television station.

He claims that his government cannot infringe upon the rights of the few who want to pay for and watch the mostly offensive programming aired by Fiji Television.

We read almost daily, reports on the frightening increase of sexual crimes against women and children.

We hear that our prisons are overflowing to the point that murderers and rapists are being set free by well-meaning, but misguided judges.

We read of calculated crimes against helpless individuals and escalating vandalism and drug use by our youth.

And week after week, we watch as Fiji Television chooses to replace healthy sporting and athletic competitions with yet more episodes of CSI and other graphic programs.

One could suggest that since Fiji Television has insisted for 15 years that the average viewer in Fiji demands necrophilia, rape, sadism, masochism and other perverse behaviours on their television screens, they don't simply charge for those programs by airing them on the very pricey pay channels they operate.

They could then air the 'boring stuff' like rugby, soccer and the Olympics on the free to air channel.

Surely, if the majority of people in Fji desire the violence and sex usually broadcast on free "