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The Deafening Silence

Once we had good people like Richard Naidu tell us the other point of view. Richard and and other bold people's silence is in fact deafening. In their absence, the propaganda machine of the current illegal thugs in power, continues without check.

Where once the CCF and Reverand Akuila Yabaki were vocal in the aftermath of coup in 2000, they remain silent in the face of threats from the army.

Daily we hear of atrocities committed by the army and yet, we as the people remain silent. The latest I heard were two separate instances where the army personnel at checkpoints made youths dance and run for extended periods simply for enjoying music from their loud car sound systems. How pathetic and childish is that! Shame on the army for behaving like schoolyard bullies. I guess we can't really expect much from the pea brained retards anyway.

The only ray of hope are the Unions right now. Their leadership have remained vocal and defiant despite clear threats from the Army.

The army and the thugs in power are claiming that the country continues to be governed within sort of a Public Security Decree. What nonsense! What security? What a load of BS!

At least bloggers like us are continuing to call a spade a spade! I hope Richard and others who spoke the truth do return to enlighten us on the REAL rights and wrongs.

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  • Anonymous Anonymous says so:
    1:06 am  

    and where are the so called Movements for Democracy in Fiji that were so vocal in Australia, UK & NZ during the 1987 & 2000 coups? top

  • Blogger Gorjar Singh says so:
    1:47 pm  

    The movements see no need to reactivate because they see the Military is in power and trying to correct the nepotism, discrimination and corruption practised by the governments past. But power corrupts and there is no one to police the military government. I fear things may go out of control. top