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The Big Bullies aka "The Gun Toting Cowards"

Yesterday (Sunday) the military using their firepower illegally took over a piece of land belonging to the Nivis Motors in Nabua.

This is the end result of months of legal wrangling over the piece of land which the then Qarase government wanted to help "ease" the traffic jam issue around the Nabua roundabout. I am not sure what the issue was really about, but if the retarded roads engineers in this country ever thought that the acquisition of that piece of land was going to be the solution to all of the traffic issues in the Suva-Nausori corridor, then they seriously need to get their heads examined. The whole traffic related issue in that corridor needs a comprehensive solution and not just trying to easing traffic in a small stretch of about a quarter mile.

Nivis Motors had even provide a solution for the standoff documented in their website: www.nabuaroundabout.com. Of course our roads and traffic management authorities have pulled a wool over their eyes to the whole issue and have now sought the assistance of the Big Bullies in town, the Gun Toting Cowards in the RFMF.

What a sad case! It shows real maturity of our people in this country. These bastards are continuing to make laughing stock of us around the world. It is so embarrassing to carry around a Fijian Passport nowadays.

To Nivis Motors: Fight on guys. Stick one to the bullies, through the courts.

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  • Blogger Vox Populi says so:
    10:45 pm  

    Yeah, what happened to Nivis Motors is symptomatic of what Frank is all about. So What? He's doing to Nivis Motors what he's doing the whole country. But few people outside of Figi have ever5 heard of Nivis.

    So, use your blog and get off your arse and give the world the Big Picture!

    This is the Voice of the People (VOX POPULI)! top

  • Anonymous DESERT DUELER says so:
    9:31 pm  

    LOL ,good luck, thats for years of ripping the fiji public off. Rock on FRANK. top