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The coup continues and people continue to voice their opinions

Military Threats

The Military Coup continues and so does the army’s intimidation of the citizens of the country. What a bunch of bullies! Major Leweni threatened to bully the innocents once again. Infact, his statements is directed at keeping the human rights abuses silent and prevent word of it getting out. This is what he is quoted as saying;

''Last, but not least, those individuals who have been blowing this matter out of proportion, should be mindful of the fact that the State of Emergency is in force and they will be dealt with accordingly.''

Immunity Decree

The immunity decree covers the military including officers and members of the military, all military reserves, all members of the police force, all members and officers of the prison service and all other persons who acted under the direction of those mentioned.

What a farce. If the current regime don’t think they’ve done wrong, then why the need for amnesty? Absolutely hippocritical considering the demands Bainimarama made against the Qarase government, one of which was to drop the reconciliation bill.

In Chile, not too long ago, an immunity decree was overturned against the now dead former dictator Augusto Pinochet. Following which he was prosecuted. Of course he died mid-way through the trial, but his death was celebrated majority of the Chileans.

Whilst it make take time for us to bring our own Pinochet’s to courts, I am sure it will happen.

Letters to Editor

Yesterday I wrote about “Stupid Indians”. Later I read some of the letters to editor in the Fij Times and I was compelled to respond and comment on some of them. First was one by Jope Turagaiviu from Nabua. He wrote about the British Army personell of Fijian extraction. What caught my attention was:

“I would also like to tell her that if it wasn't for the reputation of the RFMF, present British Army personnel would be jobless here in Fiji.

It is not fair to belittle an institution that has brought fame to the country. ”

Absolutely laughable! An institution that has brought fame to this country? I can assure you that after all good this institution may have done as peacekeepers for people in war torn countries, it has brought nothing but shame for this country in the last couple of decades. Whilst it may have kept peace and helped defend human rights in those countries, it has done the exact opposite here. When an institution does wrong, it deserves belittling and nothing less!

Then there is Rick Rickman. This person has been writing a lot against Australians and New Zealanders in the recent past. He in his latest letter compares Fiji with it’s larger neighbours as “David and Goliath”.

After all his rant, he writes: “We are a sovereign nation and should be treated as such.”

Of course we’re a soverign nation. It is stating the obvious. But stating the obvious does not automatically mean that we should be treated as if nothing happened. How exactly should we be treated by the Aussies and Kiwis? Should our current illegal government be welcomed with open arms? What does it say for democracy?

He goes on to write this little gem (my highlights): “Let us stop buying New Zealand and Australian products, take pride in Fiji, buy homegrown and home-made products wherever possible. We may be small but we are not soft. We can win this battle.”

What battle? How will boycotting Australian and New Zealand goods bring democracy back to our country?

All I have to say for Rick is for him to wake up and smell the coffee. Yes, perhaps there indeed is more crime in the cities of our neighbours, but at they do have a military which respects the rule of law. They have a government which does not abuse human rights of it’s citizens and they are far more prosperous for it.

Then there is one James Bolavucu from UK. A guy who writes with great sensibility. How I wish there were more people like him in this country. This is what he wrote yesterday:

Presidential credibility

The President, Ratu Josefa Iloilo has been signing decrees left and right, legalising what was obviously illegal and inthe processbringing disrepute tohis high office.

With due respect to his chiefly status, everytime he signs a declaration or decreehe is jeopardising his credibility.

He should do the right thing andfollow the Vice-President, Ratu Joni Madraiwiwi, and resign gracefullyfrom his position for he is an honourable chief. He would become the hero if he does so. The reasoning that he will resurrect the country no longer applies. Let the present regimepush their own agenda.”

Ian Simpson is obviously someone with great contempt for the freedoms of the peoples of United States. He quickly overturns a letter from a writer from the US in which she mentioned how she enjoys the Freedom of Speech. His ‘cheap shot” reply quickly deviates to belittle another right the US citizens enjoy; the right to bear arms. In doing so, he has quickly justified the brutality of the army. Come on Ian, perhaps you might try a pinch of smelling salt yourself first.

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