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A Fiji Times Letter to the editor - Television station

"Television station

I REFER to the letter by Communications Minister Marieta Rigamoto (FT 3/2).

Is she serious when she said there has to be a 'consultative approach with all stakeholders to ensure a broad consensus on the way forward for future TV licencing'?


Oh, silly me. Of course, the Government cannot issue a licence to TV2 for a second TV channel unless it has the approval of Fiji TV and its influential shareholders, I mean 'stakeholders', can it?

Imagine the conversation. 'The Government is thinking of issuing a TV broadcast licence for a competitor to your tax-free, ultra-profitable, Fiji One.

Will that be all right or not?

What a pathetic bunch we have in government — supposedly looking after the best interests of Fiji Islanders.

A government is supposed to govern, not have a 'consultative approach involving stakeholders' before setting its policies.

The former chief executive of Fiji Television said 'bring on the competition'.

Many Fiji voters are saying 'bring on the election'.

Rani Sadler
Pacific Harbour"

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