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Too soon for Serevi to take the reigns as a coach I say.

Too soon for Serevi to take the reigns as a coach I say. But the boys played well. There is a definite future for this team.

Serevi says sorry for sevens loss - Fiji Times Online:
"SKIPPER Waisale Serevi last night apologised to Fiji rugby fans for the 12-14 semi-final loss to England and said he was looking forward to the major tournaments next year.

'I would like to apologise for last night's loss but we did our best,'' he said after a last minute converted try gave England a berth in the final against New Zealand.

'It is not the end as there are other tournaments in France and London that are coming up as well as the Commonwealth Games,'' he said from the Fiji dressing room.

'I am happy with the boy's performance as this is the first time we are playing together.

'We had desperately needed to win, the spirits were high, it was just not our night.

'I personally had thanked the boys for the brave performance that they displayed and I am happy with it.'

It was a repeat of the Seven Rugby World Cup semi finals when Fiji took on England at the Singapore sevens last night but this time Englishman Ben Gollings sent Fiji out of the competition when he touched down seconds to fulltime 14-12.

Gollings booked his side a final's berth and sent Fiji packing.

Fiji started off as favourite going into the competition after having won the World Cup in Hong Kong a month ago.

England cut short the celebrations.

Minutes into the first half Fiji drew first points to Nasoni Roko who followed in on a pass from Neumi Nanuku who was tackled short of the English try line.

Fiji led 7-0 after a successful conversion from skipper Waisale Serevi.

Roko scored his second after great support play from Mosese Luveitasau passing onto Lemeki Duidomo on to Serevi who cleared to Roko.

The Fijians showed good support play and ball handling skills topped with a sound defence in the first half.

However, England crossed line with a minute to the breather to take the scores to 12-7.

England had the last say from a Gollings try with 90 seconds of play remaining.

The successful conversion "

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