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About The Rotten State

"One man's quest to provide regular commentary about the rotten state of affairs in Fiji via this blog."

Deja Vu?

In 1987 following the coup, the Rabuka government introduced, the so called affirmative action and gave out lots of business licences, taxi permits, bus service operator licences and of course loans to the indigenous-Fijians.

What happened in the ensuing period since, can hardly be called a success story. The National Bank of Fiji collapsed. There is still only one amongst 72 bus operators who is an indigenous-Fijian. Another coup happened in May 2000 and that was because some indigenous-Fijian leaders felt threatened by the dominance of indo-Fijian businessmen.

Since the May 2000 and after the August 2001 elections, some $20 million was swindled by the Agriculture ministry and we have another racist government implement yet another affirmative action plan.

Good luck I say.... after the reading the following article on www.fijitimes.com today, I am not sure how this round of affirmative action is going pan out.

Following 1987, we have seen the government departments dominated with indigneous-Fijian labour, yet the private sector remains out of reach for them. Why? Handouts don't make for a good business plan for any affirmative action. It just helps the rich and the cunning, take advantage of the not so savvy entrepreneurs.

Oh, and not to mention the state of government departments and services. I'll leave that for another blog. Things are certainly rotten in this state.

Now, onto the inspiring article...

FIJIANS should change their attitude and learn to appreciate the assistance provided by the Government, Transport Minister Simione Kaitani says.

He said assistance provided by the Government had been abused adding that most Fijian people had taken for granted assistance under the Affirmative Action or Blue Print by helping other races cheat the governing authorities concerned.

Using the Land Transport Authority as an example, Mr Kaitani said many Fijian people had applied for more than one taxi permit on behalf of Indian businessmen.

An authority board member who wished to remain anonymous said the board was investigating a case in which a Fijian man had applied for 16 permits for his Indian friend.

The member said the incident took place last year and such incidents were only fooling Fijian business people as they did not realise they were being used by their friends of other races. Mr Kaitani said such problems were not new.

"It is nothing new because these kind of cases have happened before. And now we will have to be strict because while we try to help them, they just turn their back on us by cheating which benefits them financially as they can be paid by the Indian business people for getting permits," Mr Kaitani said.

He said the Government's purpose of the Blue Print was to help uplift the standard of Fijian business.

"Out of the 72 route licences for bus companies with LTA, Fijians only own one while 71 belong to Indian business people.

"And the Fijian people who abuse the privileges provided by the Government, don't see this.

They just satisfy their greed and it doesn't look nice on the Fijian people," Mr Kaitani said.

He has called on the Fijian people to be honest and be grateful for the Government's assistance.

The strict laws he will discuss with LTA, as Transport Minister will include heavy penalties such as fines.

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