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"One man's quest to provide regular commentary about the rotten state of affairs in Fiji via this blog."

No more coups in Fiji...Yay!

Well! The military seems to be talking tough in stating that no more coups shall be allowed to happen in this country again. I hope they mean to carry out what they're saying... for obvious reasons.

You can never be too sure with these things in Fiji though. There have been three coups already and with such a track record that this country has, I will hardly be surprised if another does happen again.

The first and the second coup was Mr. Rabuka's (a military man) doing. The third, was done by the CRW (Counter Revolutionary Warfare) unit of the military led by the bunch of thugs that now are serving time.

The current situation between the government and the military is doing nothing to cement the assurances by the military. The loudmouth secretary in the PM's office is as antagonising as ever. The military security provided to the PM has been pulled out by the commander without warning. With such men in positions of power and such tit for tat actions by the military and government, it doesn't do much for investor confidence in this country.

I have my fingers crossed though...

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