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Fiji will spend FJ$400,000 on Prince Charles' visit !!!

What the f*#@? Who the hell is this Prince Charles? Is he the world's most powerful man? Has he ever done anything for Fiji which as brought in FJ$400,000 worth of revenue to Fiji? Why the hell is this government full of asslickers, spending such a huge sum on his visit? Will such a spend bring in at least double of the sum of money into Fiji i.e. is it an investment spending?

What is absurd is that it will cost us $200,000 per day of his visit! A guard of honour will welcome him at the airport!

Now, if this government spent that much money on Sir Richard Branson, or some other rich businessmen, it would make sense. After all, they may consider some direct investment into this small and poor country of ours. I can't for the life of me see this as a worthwhile spending.

Quite simply, it goes to show the height of lunacy this government has come to!

Below is an excerpt from the Fiji Times article (Saturday, February 12, 2005)

THE Government will spend $400,000 to cater for the Prince of Wales, Prince Charles two-day visit to the country next month.

Home Affairs Minister Josefa Vosanibola said Cabinet endorsed the planning committee's plans for the royal visit yesterday afternoon.

"Cabinet endorsed the proposal by the committee which I chair. They have approved a budget of $400,000 for the two-day visit," Mr Vosanibola said.

He said Prince Charles would be greeted at Nadi Airport with a guard of honour and be traditionally welcomed by the people of Viseisei, Vuda.

"The people of Viseisei, Vuda, will conduct the veiqaravi at the airport," Mr Vosanibola said.

He said there would also be a reception for Prince Charles at Denarau, which would be attended by dignitaries.

"Four hundred people have been invited from the diplomatic corps to attend the Denarau reception," Mr Vosanibola said.

He said the Prince would visit Castaway Resort in the Mamanuca group on his second day of the tour before heading to Lautoka.

"At Lautoka, he will meet Bechu Prasad, one of the oldest citizens of the country," Mr Vosanibola said.

"Then there will be a guard of honour retreat and he will meet the people as he had wished."

Mr Vosanibola said the Ministry of Information would provide more details today.

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  • Blogger Peter says so:
    11:09 am  

    The only comfort I get out of this is that these are 400K spent IN fiji ... so it will hopefully bring some extra food on the tables of some security guards' families. And maybe a new DVD player in the home of the people who allocate the money.

    Now if Prince Charles in return makes some donations, not all is lost.

    Wonder how much money FT got for that full page 'welcome' ad. top