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Laisenia "The Liar" Qarase

Their he goes again. Poor guy is unable to understand why he is labelled a racist. He finds the the concept alien and abhorrent. Wow! Strong words, Mr. Qarase, but honestly, who are you trying to fool?

Come on Mr. Qarase! The largest group of tax payers, the second largest ethnic group in this country, don't have a representative in your cabinet. The same group virtually has no representative even in your party.

Your reconciliation efforts are all but in name. Prayers as a major part of any reconcilitaion activity does not address the issues at hand. Unfortunately the reconciliation ministry has done nothing but organise more and more prayer days and functions! Frankly it only seeks to pass on the Christian messages and seemingly has a christian agenda.

The Fijian Blueprint scheme only seeks to promote Indig-Fijian interests ahead of other ethnic groups in this country! You take from the major group of tax payers and fill the coffers of Indigneous communities and perhaps your own. The Fijian Blueprint in itself is a racist scheme.

The Education Ministry has waived the fees for all Indigenous Form 7 students in this country. Any real statistical basis for it? Racist!

Your government continues to give Indig-Fijians a priority in hiring and promoting as Civil Servants. Racist!

Your government sets huge quotas for taxi permits to be solely given to Indig-Fijians. Racist!

Your government continues set huge quotas in scholarships for Indig-Fijians. Racist!

There's more where that came from Mr. Qarase. You are nothing but a liar and a racist!

Address racial issues: Qarase
"PRIME Minister Laisenia Qarase told Muslims celebrating Prophet Mohammed's birthday yesterday that he was surprised whenever he was labelled a racist.

Mr Qarase told the gathering that racial issues must be acknowledged and addressed because to not do so would be irresponsible and dangerous.

'While I find the concept of racism alien and abhorrent, I do accept race as a fact of life. This is not the same thing at all,' he said.

He made the comments at the national celebration of Prophet Mohammed's birthday at Govind Park in Ba yesterday.

'When someone points to me or to my Government and says we and our policies are racist, in all honesty I don't know how else I can explain our position,' he said. Mr Qarase said his administration had endeavoured to work for the good of all people in the country.

'We created a new Ministry expressly dedicated to multi-ethnic affairs,' he said.

'In another initiative we made the promotion of national reconciliation and unity an actual priority.

'We genuinely seek an inclusive society, where the views of every community and group are listened to and taken into account.

'My government's aim for Fiji is not to return to where we once were but to journey forward together to a place we have not yet been, a Fiji of lasting peace and harmony, where nobody is left behind or goes without.'"

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  • Blogger laminar_flow says so:
    5:38 am  

    My 2 cents.

    SDL is grabbing at straws especially when Chaudary questioned his rhetoric about their Governments contirbution to the water and their decision to contruct the Rewa bridge. Here's more.

    http://tinyurl.com/b5gks top