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Chief prescribes isolation for AIDS - Fiji Times Online Headline

Judge for yourselves

Chief prescribes isolation for AIDS - Fiji Times Online: "PEOPLE with AIDS should be sent to an isolated island so they do not infect the population says Rewa chief Ratu Isoa Damudamu.

Speaking at a Rewa provincial workshop yesterday, he said since there was no law for everyone to have their blood tested, there should be a harsher move by the Government.

'Nothing can be done because if they are around those who are not infected, they could cause problems including wiping out a whole generation because most people with the disease are still out there.'

He said church youth groups should be abolished because it was a meeting place for youths to indulge in immoral activities.

He said the Coke Games was a meeting place for youths and children to indulge in such indecent activities and could get infected with the disease.

He said since the agegroups of most infected persons were between 15 and 29 years, youths were the main carriers."

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