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The RFMF Beast

Following was what I wrote to a friend in discussing the coup.

This is what happens when tax payers money gets spent on a monster like the RFMF. In a country such as ours, where we can never expect to be invaded or attacked by any International force, we continue to breed these monsters. How could we have continued to justify their existence.

All, these beasts have done since 1987 is cause more and more instability in our country. The existence of the RFMF needs to be questioned now. It is mostly comprised of brain dead men and women who didn't do very well in school. What these people hope to achieve and how they mean to do it needs to be questioned now. Shame to the families who have members in the Military Forces and have not been able to influence them into the right direction.

Just as we don't let unqualified people drive, unqualified people practice law and unqualified people become doctors, we shouldn't let these unqualified people carry on holding this country hostage with pretentious efforts of "cleaning up". Infact, once our country returns to what we may believe is normal, we should disband the military and open up a metal recycling factory to melt all the weapons. No one in this country is qualified to carry weapons which only bring sorrow to the people.

It fills me with disgust, as I see images of these beasts roaming the streets of Suva heavily armed and well protected with their body armour. I guess they are really only dressed as such because they are nothing but a bunch of cowards.

Normal times shall never return to Fiji, so long as we continue to breed abnormal beasts amidst us.

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