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The madness continues...

The mad dictator, Frank Bainimarama has now become the Prime Minister of Fiji! What more, he managed to grab a whole bunch of equally mad bunch (http://fijitimes.com/story.aspx?id=54916) into his government.

Chief amongst the mad bunch is Mahendra Chaudhry. This is the guy who has been through 3 coups throughout his political career. This guy almost won the last election, so has a large following in this country. I've spent a lot of my time defending this guy and saying good things about him. I've felt sorry for this guy, for I've always thought of him as one of the unluckiest leaders in this country. He for me is the biggest disappointment. I mean the whole thing about this interim government reeks of a coup progressing to the next illegal stage. And now we have some of the people I've always thought of as intelligent being part of it.

I personally know the interim Attorney General (Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum) and although I've known him to be a very politically minded person, I can't understand his reason to participate in something so blatantly wrong. There isn't any doubt though, that he is the smartest of the lot so I see this as his first steps into Fijian Politics.

Poseci Bune is perhaps the stupidest of the lot and as Laisenia Qarase aptly described his acceptance as someone who is an opportunist and depends on being in politics and government for his "bread and butter".

Bernadette Rounds-Ganilau is another disappointment. She has lost her political credibility by participating in this stinking venture.

Manu Korovulavula sounds like a bitter man who couldn't get his way when he was in LTA and has now gotten a chance to get his own back. Although he has acknowledged the bad conditions of our roads and has hinted that he may consider moves to keep the money earned from the roads and motorist, for repair of the roads. If he achieves that, then that'd be the best thing out of this coup.

The others are least known and not worth commenting on.

Although the illegality of their participation needs to be determined by the courts, there is no denying that participating in this government is based on a foundation of a coup. A coup which is inherently un-democratic, dictatorial, and self-serving.

This government is a coup in it's next stage. The state of politics in this country, with the current mob of politicians in it, signals a state which is in dire need of a clean-up. And no, the clean-up cannot be done by the current mob. They're a bunch of dictators each with personal agendas...

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