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Beware... a new set of losers are in control

As days pass in that most Rotten of the States, things are starting to stink even worse. We've had the half dead, in people such as Chaudhry, Bune and Vyeshnoi try their hands in taking the country forward in the past and they didn't succeed. Mostly because they were unseated, unceremoniously in the May 2000 coup. Victims as we called them. They were perhaps on the right track then, but now it seems they're back from the dead for sure. As dead as a Dodo.

A new set of zombies in control, joined by some such as Ms. Ganilau and Aiyaz Saiyed Khaiyum. A bunch people who seem to be hell bent on making the most from this most wrong of situations. They dance to the tune of the Military(, even helping them create some new tunes). An organisation with no track record of having done anything positive for the nation. A leader who is starting appear more evil as days pass. Perhaps only time will tell on how evil he will have become, but for goodness sake I hope it stops before he overtakes the likes of Lenin, Hitler, Mussolini or more recently, Saddam.

All those involved in the current rape of democracy in the country, have now conveniently given immunity to themselves. I am not a religious person, but for once, "I hope they all rot in hell".

Shrewed Double Standards
We've had shrewed lawyers as Attorney Generals and the most recent legitimate one was Mr. Qoroniase Bale. He with all his legal training and experience "justifiably" was moving the Fijian Nationalist cause forward. Now we have another, albeit younger less experienced Mr. Khaiyum. He has now become the chief protagonist in Bainimarama's coup.

In a recent news article in Fiji Times (http://fijitimes.com/story.aspx?ref=archive&id=55549) he has questioned the Fiji Law Society's suspension of military lawyers, yet continues to say little about the human rights abuses and manner in which the Jaganath Sami the CEO of Fiji Sugar Cane Growers Council has been treated by the Military. Him and his illegal government continue to play both judge and jury on all matters and people they seem not to like.

In terms of Mr. Sami, I fail to understand how Mr. Khaiyum has swiftly justified his removal from the office by the military, a day after the a Lautoka court reinstated him. Mr. Khaiyum is doing nothing but legally maneuvering the current regime's illegal activities. A legal word wanker is the best way I can describe him.

Stupid Indians
One of the most baffling things about this coup, is the apparent support of the Indians towards Bainimarama and Chaudhry. I talk to a lot of them and it appears that they'll seem to thinking with their hearts and not their heads.

They've obviously never like Qarase's government and have all too happilly greeted his illegal removal. They've so quickly decided that somehow Bainimarama's on their side and therefore good for the country.

Pretty stupid rationale, and one that could only come from a bunch who are both naive and stupid. Two wrongs don't make a right and it's something a lot of them seem unable to grasp. A revengeful mob I fear.

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