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Retards in our Society

Life can be a frustrating experience especially when living side by side with those members of society who obviously belong in a prison or a mental asylum. Unfortunately when these people gain control of a state, life can become living hell.

I can imagine how frustrating life would have been for the Germans in the two world wars, the Italians during Mussolini's reign, the Soviets with Stalin, and the Americans with George Bush. I can imagine because, amidst this, so called society in Paradise, we have bunch of people who have made life a very unsavory experience.

These include people who we thought of as beacons of hope in our fledgling nationalistic democracy during the SDL government days. People we least expected to guide us into a life of hopelessness, dictatorship and ruin.

The roll call include the following:

  1. Frank Bainimarama (leader of the RFMF retards, who somehow think they are better qualified to investigate corruption. What a laugh!)
  2. Mahendra Chaudhry (the most bitter man in Fijian Politics)
  3. Aiyaz Saiyad Khaiyum (no beacon in the past life of our nation, but a new breed of opportunist)
  4. Bernadette Ganilau (probably the most retarded of the bunch)

These people have not only usurped power by illegal means, but continue to use the local media to push their own agenda. They make statements as if the people of this country are either incapable of understanding the issues or are stupid.

This makes me wonder how intelligent or mentally stable these people really are?

Speculations about Frank's mental state should perhaps be taken seriously. One of those rumors have been that Frank was actually treated at the St. Giles hospital (Fiji's only hostpital to treat and care for the mentally handicapped).

Chaudhry is perhaps still bitter about losing two general elections and this illegal act makes it quite obvious. This man's action reeks of revenge. How else do you describe his participation into something blatantly wrong. He seriously needs to examine everything he ever stood for. His principles have been compromised and he can now never be trusted. Like most of his fellow perpetrators, I hope to see him rot in jail one day.

Aiyaz is simply, a very stupid person. He has now shown, that he has no ethics. A permanent apologist for the regime and their main legal "wanker" (equivalent to "word wanker").

Ms. Ganilau is perhaps the most disappointing person on the list. Considering her standing in the society, I have no idea why she has chosen to be part of something so wrong. It looks very much like a stupid move. That makes her the most retarded of the bunch.

These are the real retards of our society and such should be treated with the contempt they deserve. A real threat to our society's coherence and the sooner they are put behind bars the sooner we can move forward.

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