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Academics gone mad?

First it was Steven Ratuva and now it is Satendra Nandan, publicly supporting the coups and praising Bainimarama. Earlier on Fiji One News, I had the dis-pleasure of watching Mr. Nandans statements in support of the coup.

He described the coup as a necessary evil and one which is lesser of the two evils. He went on to describe Bainimarama as a modern leader. This coup he reckons is the one coup which will wipe off all coups to come. I am not sure what he means by that, but one phrase which stuck out was his description of the Qarase government as "racial terrorism". The merits of the phrase aside, it is something I first heard used by Mahendra Chaudhry.

It all started making sense after that. Mr. Nandan is a Labour Party member and considering the dominance of the party in the illegal dictatorial regime current in the country, it is hardly surprising. The fact that Mr. Nandan is considered a prominent academic, it would easy for me to speculate on the policies of the Labour Party and it's origins. "Racial terrorism", is a word wank created by the party to appear more legitamate. They probably think that adding terrorism to any description makes it more credible. It's a cunning propaganda, which goes down well with the Indo-Fijian community.

What baffles me most, is how the so called academic in Mr. Nandan justified his support for the coup. He reckons that although the coup maybe illegal or unconsitutional, it is ethical and moral. What, as an academic he fails to understand, is that ethics and morality are not measurable and is totally subjective. Legalities though, are measurable and designed with great effort and care. Morality and ethics manifest differently in different people, whereas legalities are there to safeguard the society from whims of moral and ethical behaviour of others. Remember Hitler, Mussolini? Well now we can add Bainimarama/Chaudhry, Speight, and Rabuka to the list.

In a soccer match, the rules are there for all players all the time. Not at the mercy of some who may decide to change them half way through the match, for their benefit. The soccer match that was being played in our country had it's rules changed by Bainimarama and his bunch of losers called the RFMF. Along came others to join his team, those that didn't like the original rules and disagreed with the referees decisions. This bunch of losers can aptly be called "sore losers".

The so called academics should stop fooling the world by voicing their opinions to disguise the true ambitions of their political affilliates. In case of Mr. Nandan, I hope that he quitely retires to maintain the remaining brain cells in the old and senile head on his shoulders. He is starting sound more like an old fool then one who should be remembered as a wise old man.

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  • Anonymous Anonymous says so:
    7:05 pm  

    Dr Nandan.. the senile self styled english teacher and an overrated fictional(fantasy) novelist.ha..ha..he is aged..why do they have to take him seriously. top