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Blog Spot Block!

The dimwits in the Military and their equally dimwitted dogs in the so called interim government (more like illegal government) are at it again. This time trying to silence the voices of dissent. Trying to block blog sites which openly disagree with them.

This action in trying to influence FINTEL to block blogs of dissent such as resistfrankscoup.blogspot.com clearly show how stupid these people really are. Cleanup Campaign my ass! This is dictatorship at it's worst.

Not too long ago, the self appointed illegal regime downplayed the importance of our relations with Australia and New Zealand in favour of Asians. The populous which supported them I am sure didn't expect them to court the Asians so much so, that they even use their methods to try and stop dissent. Classic example being the Chinese.

Welcome to reality people of Fiji. This regime is here to stay and dictate for as long as it takes. I can already see Fiji heading the way of China, Zimbabwe, Burma and North Korea! Blocking blogs is just the start. Watch out for suppression of political parties and other independent voices of dissent. The day when local media fall into the hands of the Military and it's cronies and Google starts making deals with blocking sites for Fiji. The day when we will be free no more...

I am normally reserved in my words, but this time I'd just rather blog it. To hell with Frank, Chaudhry and the rest of dictators in this country!

Blog on bloggers!

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