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About The Rotten State

"One man's quest to provide regular commentary about the rotten state of affairs in Fiji via this blog."

Christianity? Religion of Indigenous-Fijians?

Of late there has been a lot of debate on whether Fiji should be declared a christian state. Especially since the current government promised consideration for it in their manifesto.

Honestly, I am sick of indigenous-Fijians pretentious "holier then thou" attitude towards other religious and non-religious citizens of this country. Bloody hell! Every where you go nowadays, there are people praising the "almighty".

Take for example today. I know it is a Sunday, the "lotu, lotu" day for Christians. They have lots of churchs they can flock to, all around the country. And they do. So what you may ask is the problem? Well, for starters, I got up at around 10, switch my TV on and what do I see? Some stupid Christian evangelistic show from either Australia or US. This is a norm, might I add. This one day of the week, the christians of this country go beserk. It's impossible to avoid them.

For goodness sake, Christians, stay of the box! Why can't I watch something more entertaining like the ABC AsiaPacific on our only free to air TV channel? Why do I have to be bloody evangelised over the box. The box that belongs to all the citizens of this country not just some self -righteous, deluded Christian evangelists.

Since the stupid governments of this country have given Fiji TV an exlcusive licence to broadcast the only free to air channel in Fiji, the least they could have done was to setup some broadcasting standards. The contents of this free to air channel is almost exclusively from overseas.

To make things worse, I walk into Dolphins food court in town to have a quite lunch, what do I have to put up with? Yes you guessed it, blaring christian hyms from the speakers in the food court. Looking around me, I couldn't see anyone, who even remotely looked like the church going type. For crying out loud, this is a public place, not a "christians on sunday" only place. Why the hell do I have to put up with this evengelistic crap.

[breathe, breathe, breathe]

Enough with the ranting for a moment, but one thing puzzles me... Before the arrival of Christianity into this country, how did the Fijians manage? Had they not had any religion of their own? I wish it were true, but I am sure there was something. Like the hill tribes of Papua & New Guinea.

When the May 2000 coup happened, lots of coup supporting Fijian leaders subscribed to the view that democracy was a foreign flower. What is Christianity, I ask? More like a foreign disease, if you ask me...

I wish there was cure...

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  • Blogger Kaline says so:
    11:27 am  

    :):)Bula vinaka Rottenstate.

    As indigenous Fijians, who are stereo-typically Christians, will we commit that we have always understood our island-nation's motto, "Fear God/Supreme Being; Honour the Regent/Royal" and the national anthem, to be that of 'the faith.'

    We will oblige your dire need to understand the mind-thought of the average i taukei of the Christian faith's perception of other religions, with the subsequent directions. You will have to watch the animation big feature, "Mulan," to understand the dramatisation of ancestral worship.

    Pre-Christian Missionary Fijians worshipped Ancestral Gods and Semi-Demi-Gods akin to the Greeks,the Romans (who merely parroted the Greek Gods and mythology but changed the names), and the Chinese to name but a few. Historically, the Fijian (Mataqali, Yavusa, Tikina, Yasana) Chief would consult with his Traditional Bete (High Priest/Witch Doctor) to receive advise and guidance from the Gods/Ancestors directly to him through the mediation of the High Priest, similar to the Native Americans, as is practised to this day by their Tribal/Nation's Medicine Men/Women.

    Now, what you'll have to comprehend is, that before the Christian Missionaries,' the average i Taukei did not and does not have a relationship with a Supernatural Being; It is the privilege availed only to the Chiefs, like the Aztecs and the Mayans of South America. The foreign influence permitted every Fijian to be an equal, who was gifted through the love of the Almighty's Son, to have a direct audience with the Heavenly Trinity through prayer and meditation. Hence, the 'holier than thou' attitude. The luxury which was once a prerogative of the Chiefs, is now an unconditional, attainable gift to all, resulting in a form of Christian eliticism, with a God-like euphoria.

    Religious-tolerance? Oh dear ... Fijians will preach it ... Eat it ... Even pretend to embrace it, but the truth of the matter is, they mind it. The word, 'Religious-tolerance,' to the relevant Fijians is an oxymoron. Maybe, if our island-nation introduced an intensive Religious Education Curriculum, focussing on studying major religions of the world, from the Primary School level, will the misunderstanding between the relevant groups within our island-nation subside. Unfortunately, the definition of religion in Fiji, is like that of a watering hole; Religion equals Christianity.

    Fijians are developing with a superiority-complex of faith, because the other major ethnic group, being that of the Indians, continuously gets demoralised, coup d'etat after coup d'etat. To this day, we fail to understand how the i taukei will have the curry with roti and the chop suey or chow mein, on their family get-together menus, yet they still lack the temperance to embrace the peoples' of the dishes they love ...:( :(

    The 'holier than thou' Christian Superiority Complex is a minor form of Jerusalem Syndrome in our opinion. This malady was identified in the 1930s ... Resurfacing in the 1990s. The symptoms are: Vague and extreme intense excitement (Coup d'etat I & II -1987/ Coup d'etat III in 2000); Adorning Biblical or eccentric clothing (Eg:Forcing and insinuating the correctness of the Christian Missionaries' dress code appropriateness and hairstyle in the camouflage of Cultural Heritage Preservation), morphing their characters to that of a Biblical character (Eg:"I receive direct divine intervention", like Moses did on Mt Sinai); Lifestyle of religious observance (as you've described) ... If this is Fiji's Infirmity, then the only cure is psychiatric evaluation and treatment ... :( :(

    On a level-headed note, we advise you take note of all the sponsors during the airing of your unfavoured shows and FNPF (Dolphins Arcade) ... Begin a writing campaign to communicate your grievances ... There's so much out there ... Some of us appreciate neutral music, movies, tv shows' selections for all to enjoy. However, the sponsors will choose to sponsor shows favoured by their customers or their target market segment. Obviously, the Christian clientele pays (Eg: The FJ$300+M through remittances which is presently keeping our island-nation economically afloat; Majority of the sources of the mentioned remittances are Fijian soldiers, nurses and caregivers, who are most likely Christians).

    Vinaka ... :) :) top

  • Blogger Peter says so:
    12:19 pm  

    Finally a new blog in town. It is tricky hear (in Fiji) to write controversial things even as semi-public as a personal blog. So better keep your identity hidden or Mrs. Kabakoro will give you a phonecall and a sermon. (happened to me http://nacken.com/index.php?p=472)

    As for you post on Christianity, i agree that it feels a bit over the top some times ..

    I also noticed that Sundays is also a favourite day for house break ins .. yeah !

    I am puzzled how many people in Fiji are so about "keeping tradition, keep the western TV out" ... is Christianity a Fijian tradition? Not really... came here by missionairies not too long ago, some of them were eaten in return. THAT is Fiji's tradition ... do they really want to go back to canibalism? top

  • Blogger Peter says so:
    6:38 am  

    . top

  • Blogger Kaline says so:
    7:03 am  

    Bula vinaka Peter ... :) :)

    You poor dearie ... Your trepidation is obvious. They're slowly getting to you are they?? lol lol Stalked by a Mrs Kabakoro ... Tolerance is key ... :) :)

    From our perspective of our understanding of our people, the indigenous Fijians, the general synopsis of their negation towards Western television, is due to their personal observations of the destructive effects as a result of the Fijian youth's misunderstanding, of what they choose to identify and feel comfortable interpreting, into their lifestyles, as that of 'the trendy' Western ideology. (Eg: The use of ebonics in their English language and their adoption of the Hip Hop Ghetto culture ... The youth who do, don't understand that it's 'an image,' and a sensationalised one at that ... They don't understand 'the essence,' 'the objective,' and even 'the authentic definitions' within the Hip Hop vocabulary and culture)
    :( :(

    As we've stated in our previous post, Christianity was not borne from within the i taukei natural heritage. However, Christianity is the adopted foreign influence within the i taukei culture. [Eg: The GCC have an assigned Methodist Priest, who in a way has replaced the Traditional Bete], denoting Methodism as the official Christian denomination of choice, for the Great Council of Chiefs. The additional adopted foreign influence was the i sulu vakataga, which was 'a take-off' from the Scottish, Irish and Welsh kilts ... :) :) It's dignifying and a symbol of patriotism, being that we've inherited Mother Britain.

    In reference to your statement, that cannibalism is part and partial of the i taukeis past time, will we clarify that you have been misinformed. Cannibalism in Old World Fiji was only exercised following a warfare between tribes and nations. The significance of partaking human parts for consumption was a form of worship akin to the sacrament - the holy communion and the scalping of the Native Americans, of their enemy, for 'good medicine.' For the i taukei Chief, 'the consumption' was his portal of encompassing 'the manna' of his esteemed rival. Not every chief/warrior was consumed. The others were buried in mass graves, referred to as, 'bulubulu ni bokola.' After the roasting of 'the sacrament,'and the preparation of the soup, the High Chief would then be offered the brain, the heart and the blood soup; The Wise Council and the Lesser Chiefs would've received the other remaining organs and soup prior to the dispersion of the limbs to the en masse warriors to partake of. It was a symbolic fraternity blood-bonding ritual, used to establish their power. Other than moments as such, the i taukei were vegetarians and in some cases vegans. [Pork, beef and chicken were all foreign influences].

    Being that it is 2005, the III Millennium, it is ridiculous to even fathom the probability of the i taukeis return to cannibalism. It's as insane as an irresponsible and ignorant statement, for one to think that the Europeans would rather return to the Neanderthal age and that all Europeans are of the same genetic make-up and cultural heritage.

    Vinaka vakalevu for sharing your sentiments :) :) top

  • Anonymous Anonymous says so:
    2:25 am  

    Well all over the world FIJI is a case study to other "holier than thou" christians like myself who stand amazed to see the economic and agricultural breakthrough in your country since your government committed the land to CHRIST. Perhaps you should consider where FIJI would have been if it was not touched by the glory of God some years ago. Here in my country we are amazed and kind of jealous for the breakthrough that the church is experiencing over there, shame on you! If you cannot appreciate the morale standard of your nation perhaps you should move to a country somewhere in Africa where you have look behind your back all day long lest you get robbed, stabbed, raped or killed! top

  • Blogger Zan Zia says so:
    4:22 pm  

    This is a typical whining of a gullible fool who rants against what they have little or no understanding at all. Save yourself some time and collect signatures of anyone who agree with you. Then only we might limit Christian influences in Fiji. I wonder if you ever take the time to reflect on the positive influences Christianity had on the itaukeis. How often do you hear on the dailies mosques are burned, muslims/hindus attacked just for being non-christians. Most attacks are not religiously motivated but mere hooligans who had other motivates. Fijian Christians don't cause a public outroar when a fellow christian or the Bible is mistreated/desecrated on the other side of the globe something which fanatic muslims are fond of doing when a mere picture of muhammed is ridiculed. Its rare to read lawsuits filed by itaukei christians just because one disagrees or a non-christian offends them. I think the problem is not with christianity in fiji but with you. Whiners like you act as if you're a member of an elite club or something... top